Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Daddy-Daughter Date #1: Pizza & Building Cards

On Saturday, we had our first date!  Sarah had been planning on going to a coffee shop to do some work while we had some Daddy time, but the roads ended up being so icy that she turned around and came back.  However, we were not to be deterred, and Mommy went to work on her computer while I put Eden down to sleep.   Eden is three months old and Bethel is two and a half years old.   As soon as Eden was asleep, Bethel and I put our aprons on and went to work.

Our first project was pizza, and comes from “88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates” by Rob & Joanna Teigen on page 28.  For this we used the generic pizza crust mix.  All we really had to do was add water, and the instructions were all written out for us on the back.  This is perfect because Bethel and I are just learning how to cook things and easy is best for us.  Bethel got to pour the mix and water into the bowl, I stirred it, and then we let it rise for a while.

Our second project was cardboard building cards.  This idea comes from the “Childcraft” series.  I highly recommend that everyone get a set of “Childcraft” books.  Link to it on amazon here.  They are quite expensive to buy new (it is fifteen volumes), but thrift stores often have them used for very cheap.  This craft is from volume 11 entitled “Make and Do” and is on page 84.

I cut cereal boxes into squares while Bethel painted them.  Then I cut slits in the corners so that they could be stuck together.  Ours did not turn out quite as pretty as the picture in the book, but we had fun making them.  Here is a picture of the Peggottys enjoying the finished product after the paint had dried.

While Bethel was painting the building cards, I put the pizza crust in the oven for a few minutes.  Once it was back out and had cooled down, we put on the toppings.  I put on the sauce, and Bethel covered it with diced ham, pineapple, and cheese.  I put it back in the oven and a few minutes later we had pizza!


It tasted great!  Bethel was happy to have helped cook and Mommy was delighted to have lunch made.  Overall, our first “date” was a success.

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